: 0.1- Choose the correct .At the end of chemical reaction total weight

0.1- Choose the correct answer.At the end of chemical reaction total weight of reactant always(a) Always increases (b) decrease (c) Don’t change da and b bothWhich orbit is more close to nucleus.(a) M(b) N(c) K(d)IND Electron gain enthalpy of noble gases is.(a) Less(b) High(c) Very high (d) Nearty ZeroWho established the relationship betwen density and rate of diffusion of a gas(a) Boyle(b) Charles(c) Graham (d) AvogadreIn isothermal expansion of an ideal gas(a) a = 0(b) AE = 0(c) w = 0 (d) dy=0Oxidation state of Clin CIO, ion is.(c) :3(d)-23 ss 3(b) +5​

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