0} —– health . Complete the following sentences using

0} —– health
. Complete the following sentences using conditionals, phrase(a) Once a clever fox ——– fell into a trap: but he somehow(bl The fox tried his — to get out of the trap.(c) He tried and tried. At last he somehow managed to get out(d) We should not kill the wild animals rather love and save the(e) In the past man could not realize – So they killed them(1) They killed not only animals =-==(p) We should refrain — from killing birds and animals.(h) We should know that birds and animals are —-of de envV If we cannot stop killing them, one day our existence will be0) So we should try to protect them4. Complete the following text with right form of the verbs giv(study)Habro mer #good student. Ile was used to (a)( (acquireknowmeans in the exam. His aim was to (©)red hard with a view to (0) (prosper) in life. He (0)s helpful too. He woul​

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