1 Read the passage given below andthe questions that

1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
1. Trees are the most useful gift of nature to man. Without trees, it would indeed be a very bleak world.
Without them, life would be impossible. Now let’s see what trees do for us. Men in olden days used
wood for making their homes, rafts, canoes and weapons. They used it as fuel to cook and to keep
themselves warm. In addition to wood, man was dependent on trees for many other things also. He got
from them fruits and nuts for his food. Leaves of the palm and other trees were used for thatching roofs.
The bark and leaves of trees were used for clothing. A number of medicines, dyes, tanning materials and
spices were obtained from trees.
2. In present times also, man is no less dependent on trees. He has, no doubt, invented many things that
can take the place of wood. He has begun to use concrete, steel, glass and plastics in place of wood. But
even then, the demand for wood has increased vastly. For example, we need lots and lots of wood for
making paper, cardboard and packing cases.
3. Trees are invaluable for another reason also. They supply us with oxygen without which no life would
be possible. There is enough oxygen in the air, but it is being constantly used up and turned into carbon
dioxide. When animals breathe and things burn, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is produced.
The green leaves of the trees absorb this carbon dioxide. With the help of sunlight, they break it into
carbon and oxygen. The carbon is used by green leaves to make starch. The oxygen is released back into
the air.
4. Trees also help to cool the atmosphere. The leaves of the trees give out a lot of water vapours. It
helps to cool the air. When rain clouds pass through the cool air, they condense and come down as rain.
That is why there is a greater rainfall over places where we have thick forests.
5. Trees are man’s best friends. They are God’s greatest gift to him. They are the invaluable wealth of a
nation. It is our sacred duty to protect them and look after them well. For every tree that is cut down,
we must plant at least two new trees and take care of them. If we do not care for trees, they too will
stop caring for us. And then imagine what will happen!
(A) On the basis of your understanding of this passage, answer the following questions with the help
of given options:-
(i) Roofs of the houses in the olden days were thatched with
(a) Bark and leaves of trees
(b) Leaves of palm and other trees​

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