1) World Water Day is celebrated on ___________. a) April 22b) March 22c)

1) World Water Day is celebrated on ___________.
a) April 22
b) March 22
c) February 22
Clear selection
2) Who introduced new methods of rice cultivation?
a) The Mundas
b) The Gonds
c) The Ahoms
Q3) Tides are caused mainly by ___________.
a) Gravitational pull of the earth
b) Rotation of the earth
c) Friction of the wind
Q4) Who invented television?
a) John. L. Baird
b) Marconi
c) Thomas Edison
Q5) ______________ is an artificial enclosure for keeping small house plants.
a) Terrarium
b) Water Cycle
Ocean Currents
Q6) The Gonds practised __________________.
a) Intensive agriculture
b) Shifting cultivation
c) Subsistence cultivation
Q7) The Ahoms were defeated the ________________.
a) Mongols
b) Tomars
c) Mughals
Q8) The process by which water continually changes its form and circulates between oceans , atmosphere and land.
a) Tides
b) Water Cycle
c) Ocean Currents

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