10 Reasons Why People Would Choose To Join Your Network Marketing Business

How do we get people clamoring to join our network marketing opportunity? Once we have established trust with them, how can we get to the heart of why they would want to participate?

We all remember how keen we were to get started once we saw the ideal opportunity. And we have our reasons for why we are doing it. Previously I have mentioned that the second greatest reason people do not join us is our failure to establish a need.

And then there is the other reason of failing to provide a solution.

If we do not establish a need then we are most unlikely to be able to provide a solution.

Our reason for getting involved, and it may have grown or changed over time, can often seem the reason someone else should get involved. But if it does not resonate with them then it is most unlikely to move them.

If we can move people, they are more likely to come with us. And they are also more likely to stay involved. It comes from their deep desires.

I have heard great presentations that cause tremendous emotion that can move me at the time. But the next day it has evaporated.

Have you had that experience too with your prospects?

But if it relates to a heart felt need, then people will buy into the network marketing business so much more strongly.

How can we do this?

Well we could assume we know why someone would get in and present from that viewpoint. I have done that. But if I have assumed wrongly, then I will not connect. You know that glazed look?

Or, I might assume correctly. But in telling someone something about themselves rather than letting them discover it for themselves, I usually encounter some resistance.

If I give them a choice about them telling me about what motivates them and why, then I am much more likely to have their ear and be able to lead them along with the ideal solution.

So what are the 10 main reasons people would have to join our mlm business?

1. Extra Income
Many people these days need some extra money to meet the rising costs of food, petrol, interest rates etc. They would love to have a way to achieve this. If they enjoy their current job but would like something a little extra, then this could be a great opportunity.

2. Financial Freedom
This is a reason many people get in. And in many presentations I hear this seems to be presumed, along with #1 above as about the only ones people could have. We may well be attracting these people. But what about all those with other motivations out there?

3. More Spare Time
Again this is another major benefit I hear people talking about. So I guess it is the big three! People would love to spend time with their kids, loved ones and others. They would love to be able to spend more time than their current main job or jobs leave them.

4. Personal Development
I cannot remember anyone I know getting involved around me for this. And a lot of people you talk to in network marketing feel this is one real benefit. It certainly is necessary to get anywhere in most mlm opportunities. Why not give people this as a reason to get involved?

5. Helping Others
What about all those people out there who are busy in various volunteer organizations? For many this is a huge motivating factor for extra satisfaction in their life. Why not tap it? If it resonates with them, why would you not use it?

6. Meeting New People
Network marketing is a great place to meet people. Especially positive and motivated people. Our circle of friends has certainly grown massively with our involvement. It is across occupations, ages, religions and cultures. And there are many examples of people meeting their life partners in the business.

7. Retirement
With most people not saving enough to meet a reasonable retirement income, there are so many possibilities. At times we can assume that as people are getting older this might obviously be their main reason. We can assume this at our peril. If it isnt what motivates them, they are unlikely to see an opportunity.

8. Leave a Legacy
I have heard this as a reason with some people. They want to set up a legacy for generations of their family. And in a number of mlm opportunities this is a possibility. The idea that residual income will keep coming in for many years afterwards as long as the goods and services of the company continue to be purchased give security to many people with this desire.

9. Have Your Own Business
Being you own boss, not having to clock in and out, and getting the pay you feel you are worth rather than what someone else thinks you are worth is massively important to quite a few people. In fact I would have to say this is probably about the fourth in the above ideas that I hear given for why people would want to do an mlm home business.

10. To Pursue Your Hearts Desire or Dream
Many of us have made decisions in our late teenage years as to what we should pursue. Or we have felt we have to take on a certain occupation because that is where the money or openings are. And we do not follow what we would really love to do. Suddenly having the option to go after your heart can be liberating. It might not be necessary to follow network marketing to do so. Many have done well just following their heart. But many have felt they cannot move because they are locked in with mortgages and family responsibilities. If there was a way to get there without compromising their commitments, a number of people would chose this path.

So there are the ten motivating factors in peoples lives.

How do you use it?

Ask your prospects what it is for them. Let them expose and explore this so you have all they reasons they want to follow this and what it would mean if they didnt and you will have so little resistance to a well presented opportunity you will not have to persuade them it is right for them.

And this applies equally in internet network marketing! Happy network marketing!

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