13) Read andthe questions _____ to ______The electronic configuration

13) Read and answer the questions _____ to ______The electronic configuration of some elements are given below:Element A – 2,8,18,2 Element B – 2,8,18,8 Element C – 2,8,14,2 Element D- 2,8,18,7 Element E – 2,8,18,31. Classify the above elements as metals
1 point
A) A, C,E
B) A, B,C
C) B, C,D
D) C,D,E
14) Predict the formula of the compound formed between E and D.
1 point
B) E2D
C) ED3
D) E3D
15) The element which is an inert gas is _______.
1 point
A) Element A
B) Element C
C) Element E
D) Element B
16) 4. What is the valency exhibited by element C?
1 point
A) 2
B) 3
C) 1
D) 4

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