2. What is an issue with the political party system? a. Progress and potential laws can be stalled b. There are more than

2. What is an issue with the political party system?
a. Progress and potential laws can be
b. There are more than two parties
c. Too many ideologies are shared
d. Confuses voters
3. What are the groups that share similar political ideological principles?
a. Voters
b. Political Parties
c. Committees
d. Electoral College
4. What is a potential issue of third parties?
a. Take voters away from one of the
two dominant parties
b. Could change the two party system
c. Stall bills from passing
d. Confuses voters
5. Who typically votes based on political party rather than policy?
a. Liberal voters
b. Conservative voters
c. Constituencies
d. Partisans
6. Who are constituencies?
a. Officeholders
b. Party Members
c. Voters
d. Federal Employees
Match the following with the correct category of political parties.
A. Liberal
B. Conservative
7. Older, white, higher income
8. Reduce economic inequality
9. Strong law enforcement and military
10. Traditional family structure
11.the poor and environment
12. Tax the rich
13. Protect rights of the accused
14. Oppose welfare
15. Lower taxes
16. Young, Minority, non-religious
17. When is the Presidential Inauguration?
a. January 3rd
b. January 15th
c. January 20th
d. January 21st
18. How many electoral votes does a presidential candidate need in order to win?
a. 250
b. 270
c. 275
d. 280
Always check back of page
do NOT write on Test SSCG 15abcde 16abc
19. What is the purpose of primaries and caucuses?
a. To form parties
b. To count votes
c. To pick delegates
d. To pick the president
20. What is the term for when a candidate who wins the majority in a state gets all electoral votes for that
a. Primary
b. Popular vote
c. Proportional Representation
d. Winner-take-all
21. In which election do voters make their final selection for officeholder?
a. Primary
b. General
c. Run-off
d. National Convention
22. Where are the final presidential nominations formally announced?
a. National Convention
b. National Committee
c. General Election
d. Caucus
23. Which of the following occurs at a National Convention?
a. Announcement of every person
running for president
b. Adoption the party’s platform for the
next four years
c. Final vote for presidential candidates
d. Meetings on how to reform the party
24. What is the term for the basic principles, viewpoints on major policy issues, and objectives for the next
four years.
a. Party Plan
b. Caucus
c. Platform
d. Agenda
25. What are organizations that pool campaign contributions from members and then donate those funds to
a campaign for or against a candidate?
a. Donators
b. Super PAC
c. Fundraising Campaign
d. Political Action Committees
26. How can the media influence politics?
a. Controls what information is shared
b. Controls how information is
c. Decides what information is
d. All of the above
27. What is the term for the tendency of the media to be suspicious of officials and eager to reveal
unflattering information?
a. Adversarial Press
b. Horse Race Journalism
c. Yellow Journalism
d. Watchdog
28. What is the term for when the media decides who****************/

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