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This DIY mirror frame is a simple build that will upgrade your bathroom to the next level!

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DIY Mirror Frame By Remodelaholic

Tutorial: DIY Mirror Frame

The frame is installed using mirror adhesive and nails making it a simple build with huge impact!

Tools needed for DIY Mirror Frame

Materials needed for DIY Mirror Frame

  • (1) 1x6x8’ MDF board

  • (2) 1x4x8’ MDF boards

  • (7’) 4-1/4 in. x 1/2 in. MDF Crown Molding

  • (1) Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive

  • Scrap wood or shims
  • (2) 3-light Vanity Light Fixtures

Building a DIY Mirror Frame

First, let’s take a look at the before picture:

 The 8-light open-bulb horizontal light fixture and frameless large mirror flush with the vanity did get the job done, but definitely left room for improvement, right?!?

Let’s get to it!

DIY Mirror Frame, Step 1: Remove the light and adjust the placement of the mirror.

Cassity decided that she wanted the mirror to hang above the vanity, not rest on the backsplash. It was a good choice, but required us to remove the mirror and re-hang it. We used the same hardware that it was hanging on before and made sure to secure the mirror very well.

If your mirror doesn’t need adjusting, skip this part, but do make sure the hardware is installed well and the mirror is secure.

You can also see that we had started the process of raising the vanity height. Never just one project at a time for this #remodelaholic!

DIY Mirror Frame, Step 2: The bottom and sides

We wanted the mirror frame to hang over the mirror by about 2 inches, so we measured and cut our bottom piece accordingly. For the side pieces, we wanted them flush with the bottom piece and also flush with the top piece of the frame. This meant cutting the side pieces slightly shorter than the distance from the bottom piece to the top edge of the mirror (see installation pictures below for a visual).

If your mirror has hardware that wraps to the front of the mirror, you will have the same problem we did: you cannot glue the board flush to the mirror.

We chose to notch out the frame where the hardware was to allow the frame to sit flush against the mirror. To do this, put the boards in place, but next to the mirror, then mark where the notches need to be.

Using my multi-tool I was able to cut the notch perfectly! We planned it out so the frame sat level on the notch to help hold it in place while the glue dried.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (11)

Next, install scrap wood or shims that are the same depth as your mirror. (The shims aren’t complete in the photo below and one is already covered, but you get the idea.)

Then, using the mirror construction adhesive, glue the bottom (which is already done in the picture above) and two sides of the frame to the mirror.  We also nailed the frame pieces to the wall through just the over hanging portion (not through the mirror!) to secure it.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (13)

Here is the bottom in place and the sides going up.

(Notice the side pieces are shorter than the top of the mirror, as mentioned earlier.)

DIY Mirror Frame, Step 3: The top

We set the top frame in place then screwed it to the wall near the top and where the new lights would go.  We chose to screw it in, not glue it in place to allow us access to the original electrical box if needed in the future.

Next it was time to add the crown trim. Crown molding is like icing on the cake, don’t you think?  It makes everything look complete.

DIY Mirror Frame, Step 4: Caulk and paint

After adding caulk and a couple coats of paint, here is our DIY mirror frame that makes the whole bathroom look better!

DIY Mirror Frame By Remodelaholic

You can see here that, with the lights hanging down below the frame, we get twice the amount of light because of the reflection in the mirror.  This is so much better than the light fixture that was there before!

Framing a large bathroom mirror (23)

And now the final picture with the mirror framed, new light fixtures installed, vanity raised and cabinets painted:

We love it!

How did yours turn out? Let us know! And you might enjoy seeing all of our Park House projects.

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