Astroworld Staff Told To Report Dead Bodies As ‘Smurfs’ Reignites Rage On Social Media Following Travis Scott Concert

The recent Travis Scott concert tragedy just became a lot worse for Scott and the promotional company Scoremore.

A document that was reportedly authored by Scoremore for use in case of emergencies during the concert detailed that staff were to refer to dead bodies as “smurfs” during the concert. This news energized the social media crowd that has already been rallying against Scott and Livenation ever since the incident happened last weekend.

As expected, the most common angle people took against the reveal was in the disrespect about calling potentially dead attendees “smurfs” instead of trying to help them or stop the show so further people wouldn’t die. This falls in line with earlier criticism of Travis Scott, who did refund the tickets of all who attended and canceled further tour dates among the recent backlash.

At the same time, people began to point at the word “smurf” and started to try to connect dots to other conspiracy theories about the concert being a satanic ritual in disguise.