Fortnite’s Anthropomorphic Unicorn Character ‘Fabio Sparklemane’ Has A Dark Backstory

Character Lore

Sparklemane is portrayed as exuberant and enthusiastic in general and about Unicorn Flakes cereal, however, his character has what’s been described as a “dark” and “disturbing” backstory. In his in-game bio, Sparkleman is described as a “mascot-slash-spokeshorse” for the cereal that is “cursed to roam the Island shooting cereal out of [his] hooves until the sun turns to ash in the sky” (shown below, left) The description for his emote, where Sparkleman dances with a box of the cereal, reads: “He’s actually in horrible agony,” suggesting the curse is agonizing (shown below, right). On September 30th, Fortnite Intel published an article detailing Sparkleman’s dark lore, suggesting that Sparklemane is a human trapped in a unicorn’s body based on the evidence.

QUESTS & PUNCHCARDS MAP COLLECTIONS 03 GI Nick CHARACTERS 25/21 15/21 02 08 60 15 18 FABIO SPARKLEMANE THE OFFICIAL MASCOT OF UNICORN FLAKES. HEY THERE! It's me! The beloved mascot-slash-spokeshorse for Unicorn Flakes, cursed to roam the Island shooting cereal out of my hooves until the sun turns to ash in the sky! Want a hug?! ESC EXIT Fortnite Blue Azure Font Electric blue Gadget 食3 UNICORK LAKES BUILT-IN EMOTE EPIC FLAKE SHAKE He's actually in horrible agony. [Built-in] A PAGE LOCKED REQUIRES BASE ITEM A PREREQUISITE Not eligible for refund. Chapter 2- Season 8 through December 5th. ESC CLOSE Fortnite Entertainment