Terry Crews Appears In Amazon Ad That Attempts To Encourage People To Work There

Actor Terry Crews, best known for bringing an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm to whatever he’s in, is attracting controversy for bringing an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm to an ad from Amazon about how great it is to work there.

@terrycrews #ad @Amazon ♬ original sound – Terry Crews

Amazon is well known for not being a great place to work, according to many online. In the past, the company has gotten in trouble for offering low pay, fighting unionization efforts and exploiting its workers — once famously limiting its employees’ bathroom breaks to the point that they were urinating in bottles

In recent years, the company has tried to get the message out that it’s actually a great place to work, with limited success: They once tried to deploy an army of ambassador Twitter accounts to combat negative press and recently attracted criticism for advertising that their employees could enter a mental health cube if they needed a break.

The Crews ads on TikTok seemed as transparently cynical as previous image-boosting attempts to onlookers, and Crews’ name trended on Twitter Wednesday afternoon alongside the backlash.

Suffice to say, it seems the Terry Crews-Amazon ad has done little to boost either’s reputation.