Cassius Marsh Getting Called For Taunting Is The Newest Big NFL Meme Moment

Online Reaction

Online reactions to the call, and the end result of the game, were very unanimous and broken down into three parts. The first part was that the movement Marsh did, just walking and standing at the midfield point while looking at the enemy team, does not even come close to resembling a taunting call, and that earlier in the very game there were two clear examples of the Pittsburgh team showing taunting but no flags being thrown. These two examples were found and posted on Twitter, with @TonyCMKE showing the entire Pittsburgh defense running to the opposite side of the field to make a group photo pose after an interception, and @DaBearsk35 posting a video of Pittsburgh defensive lineman Watts doing an over-exaggerated pose after making a great play (shown below).

The second group of reactions surrounding the event are focused on one key detail, the apparent hip-check by the referee into Marsh before throwing the flag. Normally, within the field of play, if a player runs into or otherwise interferes with the referees, there are fines, ejections, and possible suspensions that can happen. But in this instance, it looks like the referee initiated the contact, then threw the flag against Cassius Marsh before making it about apparent taunting. This hip-check was noticed by several people, who posted videos of it online, and Cassius himself talked about it in the post-game interview, which were posted on Twitter by the accounts @GregTompsett and @JMILLtheWZRD respectively (shown below).