Feast Your Eyes On the World’s First Piano-Grillmobile

Picture this: A beautiful piano, just waiting for its ivories to be tickled by a gentle, talented musical soul. But wait. What if the piano…was also a vehicle? Let’s think bigger. What if it this movable instrument was also a functioning grill? The thought of the pleasure of simultaneous music and meat send chills down my spine. While this concept might seem absurd to some, we are overjoyed that it’s actually a real thing that exists – in China.

This innovative and awe-inspiring creation was dreamt up by Douyin user Handy Geng, who shared this video of the majestic music and meal-making machine being constructed. You don’t need to understand Chinese to know you’re watching genius in action. The ten minute clip takes us on quite a journey. Every piano key corresponds with a BBQ skewer, so when the instrument is played, the meat rotates, hopefully to browned, glistening, tasty result. Needless to say, the creation has left many people on the internet wowed, and some puzzled. But we’re of the mind that it’s always better to ask “Why not?” instead of “Why.”