The ‘Skinny Sidestep’ Is Breaking TikTok With How Ridiculous This Flex Is


In early October 2021, TikToker @mnmnooxx0 uploaded a video of herself side-stepping past a person on a sidewalk. The sidestep she does acts as a way for her to show the viewer how skinny she is. The exact number of plays and likes that the video received is unknown because @mnmnooxx0 deleted the video at some point in mid-October.

The earliest known repost of the original video was uploaded by TikTok account @willkime on October 11th, 2021. The video (shown below, left) received roughly 2 million plays and 56,400 likes over the course of one month. @mnmnooxx0 also reuploaded the video herself on October 22nd, 2021, and it includes the original audio. The video (shown below, right) received roughly 123,100 plays and 3,500 likes over the course of two weeks.