Viral Video Makes ‘Bing Bong’ The Rallying Cry Of Knicks Fans This Year


The video went viral on Twitter, as the Sidetalk video gained over 22,000 retweets, 13,000 quote tweets, and 114,000 likes. Fans began quoting and making memes from the “Bing Bong” portion of the video. On October 23rd, Twitter user Turtz55 posted a video edit featuring “Bing Bong” in response to Stephen A. Smith (shown below, top). On October 30th, Twitter user @eric_m888 posted a Meta parody featuring the “Bing Bong” guy (shown below, bottom).

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The catchphrase was soon adopted by New York media and the Knicks themselves. On October 26th, the New York Daily News used it in a headline celebrating the Knicks defeating the Philadelphia 76ers (shown below, top). On November 1st, Knicks announcer Mike Breen used the phrase to call a 3-point shot by Knicks player Julius Randle (shown below, bottom).

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