Anti-vaxxers Who Received Shot Are Now Trying To ‘Undo’ It Somehow

The anti-vaccination movement in America, seemingly set on trying every non-medically approved method of avoiding the COVID-19 vaccine, has come up with a fascinating new way to “undo” the vaccine if those who received it now want it out.

According to a recent report from NBC News, investigations noted how anti-vaxxers that took the vaccine to keep their jobs have begun to attempt to “undo” the vaccine, essentially attempting to suck it out as one would venom after a snake bite. These methods include cupping therapy, drawing blood out and bathing in the household cleaner Borax. None of these methods have been proven to work at getting somebody “unvaccinated.”

“Once you’re injected, the lifesaving vaccination process has already begun. You can’t unring a bell. It’s just not physically possible,” said virologist Angela Rasmussen.

“Reversing the vaccine” has become a movement on social media hubs. On TikTok, a video of Dr. Carrie Madej talking about bathing in Borax circulated among the trend.

In the video, Madej claims that baking soda and Epsom salts will provide a “radiation detox,” which is useful if you believe the COVID vaccine causes radiation, though it does not.

As the NBC News article spread online, many on social media shook their proverbial heads at the latest, extreme “treatment” proposed by the anti-vaccination community.

Despite the generally accepted ridiculousness of this new line of anti-vax thinking, many realized that at the very least, people were getting vaccinated.