Cringe & Crazy Posts From the Dumbest Corners of Mommy Groups

As a non-parent by choice, I have nothing against children. While some childless folk decry the practice of having kids, I believe that we should all just focus on ourselves and do what makes us happy. The only part of child-rearing that offends me is the absolute insanity that some mothers display in their Facebook groups and forums. They’re filled to the brim with unhinged anti-vax sentiments, bogus claims about the healing powers of essential oils and breast milk – all on top of mind-boggling levels of Karenesque entitlement. While we know the posts don’t represent all mothers, the groups are a sobering reminder of how badly we need to pour some of our military budget into education. It’s a scary world out there, and we’re here to help you take a peek with some of the more perturbing posts we’ve seen lately. Good luck.