‘Forza Horizon 5’ Players Flood The Game With A Jeep While Beating The Loot Box System

In the newly released Forza Horizon 5, players have found a simplistic way to get around the in-game loot box mechanic, which uses spins to determine what type of rewards the player gets.

The way the system works is that by buying a cheap Willys Jeep vehicle, then spending some in-game currency to upgrade it to “superwheel” status, you can be guaranteed to earn back the initial cost, and then some. This ends up creating a feedback loop in which the more Jeeps you buy and upgrade, the richer you get with no recourse.

Because of players ending up inundated with Willys Jeeps, it was quickly figured out that the vehicles can be sent to other players via the gifting system. This means that another player out in the game world would be able to receive a car that you give away.

While this system was originally intended as just a fun way to clean out your garage while making another player possibly complete their collection faster, this has instead ended up with thousands of players having Jeeps gifted to them, compounding the “Jeep-flood crisis.”