Movie Theater Worker Reveals Outrageous Reality Of What Staff See During Screenings

With its rustling popcorn and dim lighting, many moviegoers assume that your average movie theater hides a multitude of sins. Whether you’ve snuck in your snacks under your jacket or you’re looking for an opportunity to get to second base, the seats in front of that screen could tell a thousand tales (not all of them ones we’d really like to hear).

As it turns out, so could the people that work at the movies. In a recent TikTok, .no1headache revealed that night vision CCTV in theatres shows employees pretty much everything that goes down when you’re in the cinema, including couples getting up to things they probably wouldn’t do in any other crowded room. 

While viewers were shocked at the admission, many were just grateful that they hadn’t been ratted out for bringing in contraband. No doubt the video wouldn’t deter any exhibitionists, either.