NeuralBlender Uses That Neural Net Magic To Generate Images Based On Your Crazy Prompts


On July 21st, 2021, neural net-based image generation tool NeuralBlender was launched. Starting on August 1st, 2021, official Twitter account of the generator started posted example images generated by the tool based on provided prompt (examples shown below).

Illustration Art Font Tints and shades Cloud Sky Building Atmosphere Daytime World Light Nature Lighting Dusk Afterglow Tower block Horizon Sunset Landscape Morning Cityscape Urban design Natural landscape Landmark Sunrise Art Condominium City
The Village Church / Alien Invasion

In September 2021, first notable posts made by other users were posted on Twitter. For example, on September 7th, Twitter user @EliotHiggins posted two images created in the generator (one image shown below, left), with the tweet gaining 28 likes in two months. On September 18th, Twitter user @oldking420 posted a three images created using the prompt “evangelion.” The post gained 115 likes in two months (one image shown below, right).