Publications Accused Of Attempting To Rehabilitate Kyle Rittenhouse’s Image Inspire Memes On Twitter

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse continues to occupy the center of the media and internet’s attention, and those two sides appear to have very different ideas of how it should be covered.

This morning, tweets from The New York Times and Reuters that many claimed intentionally framed Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two people during the Wisconsin protests of the killing of Jacob Blake, in a positive light rubbed users the wrong way.

To many Twitter users, the tweets seemed in line with a general media trend towards being sympathetic to white shooters, and many expressed their frustration with the sort of image rehabilitation the publications seemed to be engaging in.

The tweets also kicked off a small meme imagining if various, unequivocally evil historical figures and fictional characters received the same sort of media treatment.

The Rittenhouse trial continues, and opinions about how it’s proceeding, both online and offline, show no signs of abating.