20+ Priceless Letterboxd Reviews That Deserve Appreciation

Everyone’s a critic these days. No, really. Thanks to social platforms like Yelp and Letterboxd, a consensus opinion based on crowd-sourced reviews can be found for pretty much anything and everything. Want to know how the general population feels about a specific type of broom? I’m sure there are thousands of reviews for it somewhere online.

Letterboxd is a special corner of the internet where anyone can sign up to review, rate, and keep track of movies. While most who use the service leave pretty straightforward reviews, others take a more humorous approach. Scrolling through thousands of posts, one can often come across hilarious one-liners, anecdotes that have nothing to do with the movie, and lots of downright weird reviews. Instagram account @letterboxd_outofcontext does a fantastic job documenting all the hidden gems on the website and we’ve collected some of our favorites so far.