Who Said NFT Should Stand For ‘Non-Fungible Token’ When Where Are So Many Other Options?

In October 2021, several viral versions of the joke were posted online. For example, on October 16th, 2021, Twitter user @SKULLERHOOD posted a meme that gained over 4,900 retweets and 36,200 likes in one month (shown below, left).

Starting in early November 2021, multiple viral versions of the meme were posted on Instagram, Twitter and other social media. For example, on November 7th, 2021, Instagram user trashcanpaul posted a meme that gained over 69,000 likes in one week (shown below, right).

YEAH IM INTO NFTS... OFFICIAL SKULLERHOOD NICE F*CKIN TITS!!! SKULL TF ON I SKULL TF ON Font Bone Poster Skull Electric blue Yeah I've got an NFT @trashcanpaul BELARUS 2022.3 New Farming Tractor Tire Wheel Vehicle Tractor Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle Agricultural machinery Font Fender Automotive design Automotive wheel system Grass Automotive exterior Auto part Machine

The format maintained notable popularity online in early to mid-November 2021.