Woman Visits Store With Family, Demands Fellow Customer Offers Free Childcare

Like with any public place, most of us are accustomed to practicing some basic etiquette when we go shopping. We queue to pay, ask an employee if we need help and mostly keep our interactions with other customers to a minimum. That said, there are always a select few who insist on defying the rules. More often than not, they also make a huge scene while doing so.

Posting on r/IDontWorkHereLady, u/GallifreyGirlDusk reminisced about the time she was browsing a store as a teen when a fellow customer began to make an odd and increasingly angry request. Identifying the wannabe emo as a member of staff, she tried to insist that she take care of her numerous young children while she shopped. Angered by her refusal to comply, the mom’s reaction set off a wild chain of events that bemused her victim. Needless to say, most Redditors were not impressed by her outrageous behavior, and questioned the thought pattern behind trying to leave your kids with a random stranger. Surely when it’s got to that point, it’s time to take stock of a few of your life decisions.