Fake-Sounding Facts That Are Actually Very Real

As a weary and pale office drone with a strict schedule, I often find myself in a permanent state of brain fart. This means forgetting words, staring at walls with glazed-over eyes, and sometimes drooling. I’m learning quickly that gingko & ginseng supplements are a weak substitute for actually exercising the brain. Usually this means stepping away from social media or television, and sitting down with a book or a crossword puzzle. But sometimes you can stay on Reddit and learn something new, as I did thanks to this thread from redditor u/Rikashido. They implored their fellow internet dwellers to share facts that sound fake, but are actually real. And some of them are pretty surprising. The facts might not be useful at work or in everyday life, but they might impress friends or help you out in trivia. At the very least they’ll give your brain a break from melting.