The Green Screen Clip Of Flash Letting Out The Cutest Scream Is The Easiest Meme Material Ever


In the same thread, multiple Twitter users posted edits of the video, editing Flash into scenes from various films, TV series and video games. On November 11th, content creator Crisp Rat tweeted the first edit of the video, combining it with the Running Linkara meme. The tweet gained over 7,200 retweets, 37,400 likes and 355,600 views in four days (shown below).

Later on the same day. Twitter user @FlamingAMVs19 posted an edit combining the clip with the Oscar Proud Running meme from The Proud Family Movie. The post received over 151,700 views, 4,100 retweets and 22,600 likes in four days (shown below).

The format spread outside the thread in the following days, with multiple versions going viral. For example, on November 12th, Twitter user @Fitting2huMusic posted a Touhou Project meme that gained over 158,000 views, 4,100 likes and 18,500 retweets in three days.