These Dogs Are Being Used Across TikTok To Call Out Cringeworthy Videos


The Dog Shivering appears to be the earliest of the dog videos used to react to cringe on TikTok, used to represent fake shivering as if scared. On August 13th, 2021, TikToker @.shut.yo.ass.up posted a video of the dog shivering captioned “shiver me timbers,” gaining over 100,000 views in three months. On August 23rd, TikToker @ghostfacecult0700 attached the video to the end of a lip dub of someone rapping aggressive lyrics, gaining over 502,000 views in three months (shown below).

The Daredevil Dog reaction became notably popular throughout October around the same time the shivering dog started to reach a peak in popularity. On October 18th, TikToker @daredevilldog posted a Duet using the dog to react to a cringe video of a woman saying she can stop a toddler from crying by threateningly staring them in the eyes, gaining over 9.6 million views in a month (shown below).