‘Gunjou’ Is An Excellent Bait-and-switch Meme Developing In The Anime Community


The song was popularized in memes on Facebook in late October 2021 when users began adding the song to various screaming videos, replacing the scream with the song during a similar moment. For example, on October 29th, 2021, Facebook user Alexander Mars II uploaded a parody of a Nikocado Avocado video to the “Basurang Weeb: Anime Scheißposting” group. The post received more than 3,900 reactions and 9,400 shares in roughly two weeks (shown below, left). On November 2nd, 2021, Facebook user Hengki Setiawan uploaded a SpongeBob SquarePants clip to the “AAU X EVANGELION” group. The post received more than 3,900 reactions and 2,600 shares in two weeks (shown below, center). On November 7th, 2021, Facebook user Sultan reposted a video of Squidward Tentacles to “S T R E S S [Season 3]” group. The post received more than 1,800 reactions and 2,300 shares (shown below, right).

... Alexander Mars II 29 Oktober pukul 18.31 · O ah IT'S JUST WATER 185 Komentar 9,4 rb Kali dibagikan 3,9 rb lainnya Smile Facial expression Mouth Product Jaw Gesture Font Happy Screenshot Fun Sharing T-shirt Hengki Setiawan 2 November pukul 18.39 · ... Plankton jadi yoasobi #AAUmeme HENGKD 羣 YOASOBI 3,9 rb 220 Komentar 2,6 rb Kali dibagikan 拿青 Product Organism Font Line Screenshot Multimedia Technology Sultan 7 November pukul 22.12 ·O HELP 00 WANTED ZNR. YOASOBI O 1,8 rb 98 Komentar 2,3 rb Kali dibagikan World Rectangle Font Line Screenshot Display device Art