People Debate Whether It’s Gross or Fine to Let Cats Around the Cookware

Now that we likely won’t have to socially distance ourselves from relatives this holiday season, we can once again look forward to that familiar tension, passive-aggression, and underlying sense that some family drama could erupt at any moment. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and redditors like u/randogenerate are already turning to r/amitheasshole for guidance, lest the family dinner get cancelled. u/randogenerate explains in their post that they had taken a funny picture of their cat sitting in a roasting pan and shared it to the family group chat with the message, ‘look what we’re having for Thanksgiving.’ OP’s sister was very disturbed by the image. Though Reddit was pretty supportive, agreeing that OP was not the a-hole, Twitter had very different thoughts on the matter. Keep scrolling to see how the internet responded to u/randogenerate‘s cookware-loving kitty.