‘SpongeBob SpongeBob, Patrick Patrick’ Video Becomes Bizarrely Popular On TikTok


“All The Small Things” Cover

The video received notable attention on TikTok in the coming days, mostly in the form of duets. For instance, TikToker @wyattmatterz uploaded a duet with the video on September 10th, 2021. His TikTok (shown below) received roughly 400,000 plays and 71,300 likes. On September 11th, 2021, iFunnier @Unfunnyantisocialman uploaded the original TikTok to iFunny and received roughly 1,100 smiles over the course of one month.

On October 7th, YouTuber MachoShacho uploaded a video titled “All the SpongeBobs (All The Small Things) Meme.” In the video, MachoShacho tunes the audio from the SAWNDIR’s video into a melody matching the chorus of the song “All The Small Things” by Blink-182. He then put the Blink-182 instrumental behind the audio. The video (shown below) received roughly 7,400 views over the course of 11 days.