Tumblr’s Twisted ‘Oppa Homeless Style’ Story Sparks Massive Investigation Into Its Origins


Heritage Posts Investigation

On September 16th, 2020, Tumblr page heritageposts started an “oppa homeless style investigation” post, meant to find the origin of the post and whether or not it’s real. The post shares the Imgur and Reddit origin links and discusses how the post may be fake due to the appearance of the tags looking like an original post rather than a reblog, like the screenshotted post is, but this could be explained by a browser plugin called “Missing E.” They also DM’d the original Reddit poster, MechaMew2, who said they think they found it on 4chan somewhere, suggesting it may be fake and was never posted to Tumblr at all. The investigation post gained over 21,800 notes in a year (shown below).

the oppa homeless style investigation (so far) • this is as far as we know the only existing image of the mythical 'oppa homeless style' post • it was posted to imgur on the 1st of march, 2014, and appeared on /r/thatHappened/ on a thread titled 'Fedora'd villain shames woman for giving to the homeless' the top comment says: "This is so bad I'm starting to wonder if this was made up just for this sub." • @waltzingbears, who also believes the post might be fake, notes: “the screenshot shows it being reblogged by another user but the tags on the post look more like tags you'd add on an original post, not a reblog" • in response to @waltzingbears observation, an anon sent me a message, suggesting that the weird tags could be explained by a "popular plugin called Missing E" which "automatically added the tags of the person you were reblogging from (in this case, perhaps the original post) to your own reblog." • to further our investigation, @swordcats contacted the reddit user who posted the thread. the user responded, saying they believe they "found it on 4chan", adding that it was "probably fake" MechaMew2 04:12 Oh wow, blast from the past. I think I found this on 4chan... so probably fake then. if anyone has more information that could help the investigation, please let me know Font Screenshot

On January 18th, 2021, Heritageposts posted an update to Tumblr about the investigation, revealing that the Redditor MechaMew2 is a frequent poster to /r/ThatHappened and has posted numerous fake Tumblr text posts to the board over the years, all but confirming that the post is fake and created by MechaMew2. MechaMew2 also regularly posted fake Tumblr posts to /r/fatlogic in posts joking about fat people, as well as memes about Donald Trump meant to trigger liberals. They conclude the post and investigation with this paragraph: