Barstool Successfully Baits Twitter With Very Bad ‘Best Female Vocalists Of All Time’ List

Barstool Sports, the website known for dishing out general frat bro humor online (at least, that’s what it’s known for on the positive end of things), released a list of the “Top 10 Female Singers Of All Time,” which includes such accomplished vocalists as Addison Rae, Ashlee Simpson and Jojo.

As may be fairly obvious, this is a troll job, and this was confirmed by a Barstool staffer as it went viral.

Granted, there are just enough actual contenders for a “best female singers of all time” list to hide the clear joke additions of Rae, Simpson and Jojo, making the list an almost believable take from a website. Still, the majority of Twitter users who interacted with the post took the bait, getting red, mad and nude online at the list.

Barstool’s troll job even got a write-up in the New York Post and now, Know Your Meme … so never let anyone tell you trolling won’t get you anywhere in life.