‘Fish-Mouth Syndrome’ A Long-Running Mystery In The Anti-SJW Community


On April 11th, 2016, Twitter user and YouTuber shoe0nhead, known for her political commentary videos where she often takes anti-SJW stances, posted, “alright let’s address the elephant in the room why do a good portion of sjw types have ‘fishmouth’ syndrome” offering images of feminists, including Big Red, as examples of the “syndrome” (shown below). The three feminists in the images have similar mouths with raised upper lips, flat lower lips and agape mouths showing their front teeth. The post gained over 4,000 likes and 1,400 retweets in five years.

shoe @shoeOnhead alright lets address the elephant in the room why do a good portion of sjw types have "fishmouth" syndrome a walk and cls guys keep checking me out s ago Le Datk Memer eyes 27202 Nose Glasses Skin Eyebrow Photograph Facial expression Vision care Mouth Human Product Eyelash Eyewear Font Sleeve Line Community Happy Screenshot People Black hair Beauty

The post inspired numerous comments offering additional examples of people exhibiting fish-mouth syndrome, as well as images of fish for comparison (examples shown below). Twitter user @sonicmeerkat commented an image of PC Principal from South Park, an exaggerated SJW character, writing “Trey and matt noticed that too…”

Trey Parker Forehead Nose Cheek Vision care Eyebrow Mouth Cartoon Jaw Eyewear Gesture Art Goggles Cool Facial hair Black hair Moustache Happy Fictional character @shoeOnhead Even Carl the Cuck has it Skrillex Glasses Forehead Nose Hair Chin Smile Vision care Hairstyle Eyebrow Photograph Mouth Facial expression Organ Ear Eyewear Jaw Neck Happy Eyelash Gesture Font Cool Adaptation Technology Selfie Fun

It’s largely up to speculation why this appears to be a phenomenon. Some theorize that a lack of testosterone could cause the face shape. On October 27th, 2016, a now-deleted Redditor started a thread to discuss this topic on /r/Feministpassdenied, gaining over 275 upvotes and 19 comments in six months.