Vaas ‘Far Cry 6’ DLC Release Means It’s A Perfect Time To Brush Up On The Definition Of Insanity

Vaas is presented as a unstable, psychopathic and sadistic individual who, however, is a charismatic leader. Vaas is has a dark, twisted sense of humor, and is prone to lengthy monologues.

In addition to Far Cry 3, Vaas Montenegro also appears in The Far Cry Experience web series which premiered in November 2012 shortly before the release of the game, and in Far Cry 6 DLC episode Vaas: Insanity.

Far Cry Experience

On November 1st, 2012, The Far Cry Experience web mini series starring Michael Mando as Vaas Montenegro and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as himself premiered (shown below). In the series, Vaas captures and tortures Mintz-Plasse and his operator while talking to the viewers.