YouTubers Discover That Typing A Period Into The Search Bar Yields Creepy Results

In 2021, several YouTubers made videos investigating the phenomenon. On August 23rd, YouTuber Mr Ferrante posted a video on the phenomenon, claiming he saw videos so disturbing he wouldn’t dare mention them in his video. Specifically, videos with a title akin to “…ø·ø ̈ùšù„ø© … ø£øoù†ùšø© ù„ù„ø£ø·ù ø§ù„ … ù„ùšø ̈ùšø§” had the most disturbing content. His video racked up over 1.1 million views in three months (shown below, left). On October 31st, YouTuber YourEveryDayTheorist posted about the search, explaining that most of the videos brought up by the search were well-known creepy viral videos or shitposts, gaining over 310,000 views in roughly two weeks (shown below, right).