20 Terrible Pro Tips We’re Begging You Not To Listen To

It goes without saying that life pro tips from internet strangers should be ignored. They don’t all come from reliable sources, not to mention they’re usually hilariously idiotic. Take a look at some of the most memorable bits of advice that make absolutely terrible pro tips.

Betray Your Partner to Learn More About Them

Mūmbi Wa Mbūī @MbuiMumbi Dear Men, Take your 21 days leave from work. Go home and tell your woman that you lost your job. Explain further that there was some loss and you had to use your savings to settle. Spend the next 14 days observing how you are treated at home and discover who you married 7:49 am - 18 Oct 21 Twitter Web App 1,120 Retweets 353 Quote Tweets 3,389 Likes ... Font


(Source: Reddit)