Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss’ Absurd Productivity Metric

As American cities begin to open up their offices, many workers are lamenting the fact that they’ll no longer be able to work from home. While some people undoubtedly benefit from having a dedicated physical work zone, others are quite capable of managing their own productivity. But I suppose if managers had no one to manage, their jobs would become obsolete. 

Redditor u/ythafuckigetsuspend was pretty annoyed when their employer revoked the option to work from home after they appeared to go ‘idle’ in the work chat too often. Even despite the fact that the KPI data suggested they were a better worker at home, management decided that being AFK for too long proved otherwise. And so, the disgruntled redditor complied…maliciously. Keep scrolling to read about OP’s delightfully clever method for appearing active in the chat for eight hours straight. Many responders in the thread had similar tricks. Make sure your boss doesn’t see this!