Entitled Mom Expects Fellow Passenger to Entertain Her Son, Gets Brutally Burned

What’s up with parents who think they’re entitled to walk all over everyone around them? We get it, having a kid sucks. That doesn’t mean you have to take it out on the rest of us. Redditor u/WitchesCoven99 recently shared their infuriating experience getting stuck on a flight next to a painfully presumptuous mother and her uninhibited son. Enduring the BS of an entitled parent out in the wild is enough of a bummer, but on a plane?? Sounds like total hell, but somehow OP handles the situation with scathing cool. Instead of completely losing it, OP waits until the plane lands before landing a devastating burn. Keep scrolling to find out what happens between u/WitchesCoven99 and the entitled mom from hell.