Entitled Woman Roasted For Horribly Tacky Birthday Dinner Take

Planning a birthday dinner is tough, especially these days. You have to consider a lot – how many guests, how well they get along, their diets, whether or not the restaurant is Covid-safe, and, of course, the cost. But there’s usually one thing a birthday person can count on: that they will not be paying for their own meal.

Teaming up as a group to cover a friend’s tab on their special day, for most people, is a no-brainer. It’s a show of love and appreciation, and between 6 or more people, the cost is usually far from prohibitive. We’ve never heard an argument against the practice – until yesterday. 

In a stunning admission of awfulness, Twitter user @michebag22 revealed a take that, while surprising, is not controversial. Why? Because the whole internet thinks she is out of her damn mind. After expressing that she believes her meal should be paid for at a birthday dinner, people began reacting in shock, confusion, and (of course) with plenty of roasty toasty mockery for OP. It’s beautiful to see what a horrible (and very wrong) take will do to bring people together.