Frustrated Millennials Discuss The Most Annoying Stereotypes About Their Generation

For the past several years, the media has dubbed Millennials the lazy, entitled, ‘snowflake’ generation who go around killing entire industries with their discriminating taste. Despite the fact that Millennials are now between the ages of 25 and 40, they still get blamed for things like Covid-19 super-spreader events on college campuses. With how generously the term gets used as a general pejorative, you’d think ‘Millennial’ could just mean ‘youngish person who I don’t like.’ Well many are sick and tired of taking crap from out-of-touch people who seem to consider their own generation to be completely blameless. One redditor asked the internet to vent about the most annoying stereotypes about Millennials they’ve heard, and the replies are pretty spicy. If you’re a disgruntled Millennial who’s over all the slander, these top responses from the Reddit thread will probably resonate with you.