Jury Verdict Declares That Kyle Rittenhouse Is Not Guilty On All Counts

After four days of deliberations in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse as part of the Kenosha, Wisconsin shootings, it was announced at 1:02 p.m. EST that the jury had reached a verdict. With one part of the charges previously thrown out by the judge, which was about the legal aspects of Rittenhouse having said weapon in his possession, there were still five counts left to go.

The jury came back and delivered a “not guilty” on every charge. Before and during the trial there were several people pointing to things that they suggest would make the trial end in this result, and what happens next is yet to be seen.

After the verdict was announced, political party lines and talking points were quickly posted on Twitter, with the common themes of racism, assault, white supremacy and attacking those of opposing stances weighing heavily in the minds of both sides of the spectrum.

Possibly the most important observation of the verdict was how much of a discrepancy there is between things like homicide versus other crimes, like drug use, which many consider minor.