‘Love Live’s’ Keke Tang Becomes Center Of Chinese-themed Love Live Memes


Since Keke is from Shanghai, China, she gained popularity among the fandom, who created Chinese-themed memes around her. For example on September 17th, 2021, Facebook page Believe in The Tyrone uploaded fan art of Keke Tang by using a Tom and Jerry reference and the Chin Cheng Hanji meme. The video received more than 3,300 reactions and 2,800 shares. On the same day, Tyrone uploaded the video to his YouTube. It received 16,000 views (shown below).

On July 3rd, 2021, Pixiv user COKb-LanRu uploaded fan art of Keke Tang in front of a tank, referencing the Tank Man meme. The image received 721 views (shown below, left). On October 2nd, 2021, Reddit user Daddyn-noob uploaded an image about Genshin Impact that used the Yes Sir Glory to China meme to /r/Genshin_Memepact subreddit. The post received 810 upvotes (shown below, right).

Glasses Cartoon Toy Eyewear VERY WELL, I SHALL RATE GENSHIN IMPACT 5 STARS FOR THE GLORY OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Cartoon Facial expression Mouth Organ Product Jaw Organism Sharing Gesture Happy Interaction Font Line Black hair Art