Manager Celebrated For Granting Staff’s Overlapping Vacation Days Before Quitting

All over the country, weary and unappreciated workers have been trying to take back the power. Sometimes they’re fighting for a fair wage, other times, for paid leave or vacation days. It’s all too common that in service, workers are denied even the opportunity to take a day off to spend time with their family, or just to get a little much-needed R&R. This stinginess borders on abuse, and it is often due to insufficient staffing by cheap or greedy business owners. This kind of stinginess led Twitter user @mindfa11 to exact a little revenge just before quitting her job as a cafe manager. 

The ballsy and spiteful move was met with celebration on Twitter, with users showering the former manager with praise over her devious benevolence. While some people seem concerned that it would actually hurt the staff she was trying to help, @mindfa11 reassured everyone that there’s no going back when vacation is scheduled. Even better news? The owner is always the one who ends up picking up the slack. Maybe the hectic holidays will convince them to start staffing in a responsible way.