People of the Internet Discuss How Vampires Are Always So Damn Rich

With the exception of maybe the humbly dressed brothers from Vampire Diaries, and the kooks of What We Do In The Shadows, vampires always seem to be dripping in jewels and lace. They live in opulent manses, filled with gaudy antiques, sparkling chandeliers, and so, so much velvet. This wealthy depiction is alive in all sorts of media – books, television, movies. But did anyone ever stop to think about how these creatures of the night maintain their lifestyles? Sure, they can kill people. But so do werewolves and witches, but you don’t see them chilling in chateaus all the damn time. Twitter user @pholanthropist was bothered by this exact question – and asked the fine people of the Bird App to weigh in on this question of wealth. The answers are as golden as the bars they must have in their seemingly gargantuan and cash-filled vaults.