Whiney Business Owner Sparks Outrage After Calling Job Applicants ‘Pay Chasers’

Most Americans are aware of the current labor shortage plaguing the nation. While some economists and business owners are claiming that it’s largely due to people not wanting to work, we think it has more to do with people not wanting to work for crap wages under crap conditions. Based on the sentiments of r/antiwork and people on Twitter, a lot of people agree.

As business owners struggle to hire people for low pay and zero benefits, some of them are taking to the internet to complain, or ask for validation. Thanks to Twitter, one such owner went viral for a post they made to a group for coffee business owners on Facebook. 

In the post, Heather Hickinbotham refers to potential employees as “pay chasers,” saying “it’s like they know we need help and demand high pay, all these benefits, and no flexibility in any way on work days.” The phrasing has ruffled some feathers, as much of what she’s complaining about is considered pretty standard. Regarding flexibility, it’s not uncommon that businesses in the service industry provide zero stability where schedules are concerned – something that really affects a person’s quality of life. It’s strange that a coffee shop owner would expect highly qualified individuals to jump at the opportunity to earn $12 an hour – and strange that she is seemingly unwilling to train applicans. It almost feels as though she shouldn’t be running a business. Judging by these replies, a lot of people agree.