15 Awkward Comments From Too-Patriotic Americans

Good old ‘Murica. We don’t necessarily have high expectations of the many intelligent minds in America, but these comments are certainly some of the worst. From complete misunderstanding of basic geography to commenters insisting America does Italian food better than Italy, here are some of the most idiotic things Americans have been caught saying online.

“We are racist in that we are tolerant of different races”

• 6 days ago In America millions of us have a European ancestry. Millions more have an Asian ancestry, still millions have an African ancestry, Haitian ancestry, American Indian ancestry. America is the most diverse nation United under many multicultural peoples. Some call us racists yes we are but we have the strongest and oldest democracy in the world. How can this be? We are racist in that we are tolerant of different races from all over the world. If you don't like it nothing is keeping you from leaving. 6 13 Organism Font


(Source: Reddit)