Tragically Tacky Wedding Moments That Deserve to Be Shamed

A wise man once said “Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today.” And while he’s not completely wrong, the merging of two souls in holy matrimony – or the celebration that follows – is also very capable of tearing people apart. The r/WeddingShaming subreddit is absolutely filled with tacky, petty, and altogether shameful moments that have either ruined or tainted the sanctity of romantic unions. There are Mother-in-laws who insist on wearing a white dress to their son’s wedding. There are bridezillas who believe their special day should be a goddamn national holiday. And perplexingly, there are whole-ass couples that agree to woefully tone-deaf or straight up offensive photos. While these behaviors make us cringe and sometimes even gag, we’ve dutifully collected them to provide the world with a taste of the madness. And the reminder that your special day could end up on Reddit if you’re not careful.