‘Battlefield 2042’ Becomes One Of The Worst-reviewed Games On Steam Of All Time


Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter video game published by EA. The game received critically mixed reviews and was panned by players due to its poor performance at the game’s launch.


Battlefield 2042 was developed by DICE studio and notably lacks a single-player campaign, a traditional feature of previous entries in the series. The game was announced on July 9th, 2021 (trailer shown below).

The game launched on November 19th, 2021 on Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series S, and PlayStations 4 and 5. One of the game’s defining new features is Battlefield Portal, a sandbox mode that allows players to create custom games in which they can mix eras together, such as World War II and the near future, and alter rule sets. There is also a “battle royale”https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/battle-royale-games mode called “Hazard Zone” in which teams cooperate to achieve a goal and earn points for new weapons and cosmetics.