Patrick Star Isn’t Acting Right In YouTube’s ‘Hey SpongeBob’ Memes


On November 12th, 2002, season three episode 56b of SpongeBob Squarepants, titled “I Had an Accident,” aired in North America. In the episode, Sandy walks into SpongeBob’s house with Patrick riding on her back. He’s laughing hysterically the whole time. Sandy enters and says, “hey SpongeBob,” and Patrick’s laughter increases to a scream (shown below).

On an unknown date, YouTuber Hurricoaster posted a now-deleted YouTube Poop featuring edited SpongeBob footage, including an edit of the scene from “I Had an Accident” where Patrick is given a distorted, aggressive scream and his body flashes colorfully after Sandy says “hey SpongeBob.” The video was reuploaded on February 23rd, 2020 by YOUTUBEPOOP Reloaded, gaining over 30,000 views in nine months (shown below).