‘Weezer’ Trends After Bikini Kill Member Accuses New Dream Pop/Indie Bands Of Not Doing Enough For The Revolution

The intersection between indie music Twitter and politics is often the site of some of the most bewildering and spicy hot takes on the platform, and over the weekend, Twitter was treated to a nuclear take from Riot Grrl founder and Bikini Kill member Tobi Vail, who asked, “Can someone explain to my why people who play guitar have decided to revive shoegaze/dream pop and embrace dumb retro shit like Weezer in an era filled with violence, economic inequality, and abortion bans? The guitar pedal industrial complex is not the sound of the revolution.”

The implication of Vail’s tweet is that in today’s political climate, new acts should be making politically-charged punk rock music as opposed to the more introspective, love-lorn music that defines music like Weezer and shoegaze/dreampop. She expounded to that effect in further tweets.

This is not an altogether too surprising take to come from one of the most influential figures in punk rock history, but many Twitter users took to dunking on it for its holier-than-thou stance.

While there is certainly room for debate on whether or not the world needs more politically-charged music in the mainstream, one thing most everyone can agree on is that the “Revolution” will not be brought on by bad tweets.